Marriage Week 2014

Marriage Week 2014

Let's face it - discussing sex can be awkward at times, especially if things aren’t going very well in the bedroom. Often, when one person shares his or her frustrations with their spouse, it is met with defensiveness or hurt feelings.

Pursuit of Passion

Unfortunately, many couples get stuck here and intimacy in their marriage becomes stale and unfulfilling. The effects of overloaded schedules, work and household demands, financial difficulties and unresolved conflicts show up in a less than satisfying sexual relationship. Yet, intimate conversations about topics such as sexual pleasure, sexual struggles and the importance of sex in a marriage can be quite sensitive!

That's exactly why we wrote Pursuit of Passion: Discovering True Intimacy in Your Marriage. It addresses key issues facing today's couples in a comprehensive, conversational and "boldly biblical" way.

We are pleased to announce that our eBook is now available for Kindle, iBooks, Nook and Kobo readers or on a smartphone!

To celebrate National Marriage Week, we are offering a 40% discount on all purchases through February 14. At just $5.99, this week is the perfect time to order a copy and begin an awesome journey to greater intimacy – emotional, physical and spiritual - in your marriage. To order, click here and select the version you want.